Benefits of Tara MyTime

Tara MyTime – Live life on your own time!

Benefits of Tara MyTime include:

No more complexity.
Your supply rate remains the same throughout the day, regardless of when you use your electricity.*

No need to change your lifestyle!

Cost effectiveness.
A rate that will always be less than Mid-Peak (-0.1 ¢/kWh), and lower than On-Peak rates.

Note: The Global Adjustment is already included in your rate. With Tara MyTime, it will appear as a separate item on your bill. You will also be responsible for regulated delivery, regulatory, debt retirement, and other costs billed by your Utility.

Avoid the confusion and hassle of having to change your lifestyle to accommodate winter and summer peak pricing plans.

*Mid-Peak RPP price rates may change once every 6 months, on May 1 and November 1 in accordance with Ontario Energy Board policies and procedures.

Stop paying peak rates!
Enrol in Tara MyTime today and pay one low price for your electricity regardless of when you use it!